COVID-19 Resource Page


With the recent developments concerning the COVID-19 Virus, Victor Valley Christian School has taken the following steps to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of its students and staff. Please review this page for the most up to date information.

  1. Starting Tuesday, March 17th, all instructional time will be done remotely (at pk彩票) and not on campus.
  2. We need families to come in on Tuesday, March 17th to pick up student’s educational materials including Chromebooks. If you are not able to come on March 17, please contact the school and schedule a time & date when you can arrive.
  3. Elementary students will need a parent or guardian to sign the VVCS Electronic Device Responsibility Use Agreement that our secondary students have already completed. Please work with your students to connect with your pk彩票 wifi to enable usage of their Chromebook. For those who need additional assistance connecting to your pk彩票 wi-fi, see the video below.
  4. Starting Wednesday, March 18, pk彩票, we will begin remote instructional time.  During this time our students will be able to connect with teachers for assignments and projects daily. This course of action will be in place this week and next week. Then we will be entering our scheduled spring break from March 30, pk彩票 through April 13, pk彩票. See the school calendar for more information.  We will continue to evaluate and monitor the situation if adjustments need to be made.
  5. Please note that this Friday, March 20, pk彩票, we will continue with our scheduled elementary conferences. Please reach out to your child’s teacher to inform them of your attendance. This can be done by email, phone, or when you pick up your student’s Chromebook.
  6. All after school clubs, athletic games, and practices have been postponed until further notice.
  7. We will have limited daycare available. If you need our daycare services for your elementary and/or secondary student(s), please email us at and coordinate the scheduling.

As we partner together, we are working to be an assistance to our families. Let us continue to keep our nation and school in prayer. If you have any further questions, please contact our school office at or email us at

Help Resources

Connecting to Wi-Fi

How to connect to your pk彩票 wifi and login from pk彩票. Please note: You will need to have a wi-fi network available at pk彩票 for your Chromebook device to work properly. If you do not have a wi-fi router, you may find them on here . Please contact your ISP (internet service provider) for more information on how to connect it to your current system.

Helping Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There are some things families can do to support their children during school closure related to the COVID-19 pandemic. While  is a priority,  it is also important to consider how children are thinking, feeling and talking about what is happening around them. Here is a .

Talk to Your Children:

  • Ask your child to tell you what he or she knows about COVID-19. You can share facts as needed.
  • Help children draw pictures or other activities to express themselves.
  • Be extra patient and provide comfort if children say they are worried.
  • Limit screen time about COVID-19.  

Be Mindful of Your Routine: 

  • Mark off the days on a calendar.  Show children that school will start again in a few weeks. 
  • Keep your family’s bedtime, meal, and exercise routines consistent.
  • Find ways to include movement and physical activity, such as jumping jacks or stretches.
  • Do things at pk彩票 that have made you and your family feel better in other stressful situations, including, reading the bible, watching movies, listening to music, playing games, exercising, or various worship activities with God.
  • Practice online learning that may be offered by your church or on youtube. 
  • It is normal for students to feel lonely, worried,  or bored. A regular routine can help. 
  • Include children in chores around the house so they can feel a sense of accomplishment. 
  • Limit screen time.

Care for Yourself so You Can Care for Others: 

  • As a parent or caregiver,  take small breaks.
  • Be aware of your feelings.  See these suggestions: .
  • Connect with friends and family by phone, text, or email to find support.
  • You are a role model for your children. How you handle this stressful situation can affect how your children manage their worries. 

Resources if you or your family need extra support:

  • Crisis Hotline:
  • 24/7 Crisis Text Line: Text MYLIFE to 74174

For more ideas, read: 

Technical Support

Forgotten Password/Lost Badge

If your child has forgotten their password or lost their clever badge, please email A ticket for your request will happen and our technical support team will reply to you within 24-48 hours, M-F.

Chromebook Support

If your child’s Chromebook is having trouble, please email . A ticket for your request will happen and our technical support team will reply to you within 24-36 hours, M-F.